Books that need more love

I’ve been following Booktube and various blogs for a while now and it’s great to see some of my favourite series get a lot of love. Even better, I can’t tell you how many wonderful books I’ve picked up on recommendations from vlogs I follow.

But this is a collection of books that I love that I haven’t really seen talked about in media.

Between by Jessica Warman

To be honest, this is a book I picked up in a charity shop on the cover and tagline alone. I took it with me to have my bath that night and two hours later I was pretty much done and my mother was yelling because she wanted to get in the bathroom.
‘Between’ follows a popular, rich girl named Liz celebrating her 18th birthday on a boat with her friends. In the early hours of the morning she wakes up because there’s something thudding against the side of the boat. What she finds changes everything.
I’m gonna keep mum on this book as I would like to do a review on it at some point. But it’s one of my faves and a solid 4.5 starts, if not the full 5.

The Pledge series by Kimberly Derting

It took me forever to read the first book in this series and then I was kicking myself for having not read it sooner! I’m not even sure how I ended up with ‘The Pledge’ but I think the cover and blurb both lured me in (I mean, look at those covers. I think they’re just stunning.)

Charlie is a girl with a secret – she can understand all languages. In a world where class is divided by languages, that’s dangerous indeed. A revolution is building against a ruthless Queen and when Charlie meets the mysterious Max, she suspects he knows more about it than he lets on.

This really is a great series. Charlie is a fantastic protagonist and the side characters are all interesting with their own motivations and back stories. I have to say though, the evil queen and the world building are some of my favourite parts. Even better, I found the third book a good ending to the series, wrapping up all threads in a suitable and satisfying manner. I haven’t started any of Kimberly’s other series yet but with my love for these books, I do intend to.

Briar Rose by Jana Oliver

Yes, it’s a fairy tale retelling!
Briar Rose’s family is cursed and on her sixteenth birthday, Briar falls into a deep sleep. When she ‘wakes’ she finds herself in a strange land with horrifying creatures, death at every turn and a princess asleep in a tower. Briar’s going to need help if she ever hopes to wake up.
The book is wonderfully written with lots of dark, fantastic descriptions. Oliver does a really unique twist on Sleeping Beauty, weaving it into both the fairy tale world and the real world. I loved this book so much when I read it on Kindle that I went out and bought the paperback too. C’mon, have you seen that cover? Absolutely stunning.

The Imperial series by Mark Robson

My copies of ‘Imperial Spy’ and ‘Imperial Assassin’ are actually signed by Mark Robson. My mother got them for my birthday one year (and bless her, went through the whole stack to find two pristine copies.) I, of course, had to get ‘Imperial Traitor’ the minute I’d finished ‘Spy.’ I was not going to finish ‘Assassin’ and be stuck without the ending!
The series follows a clever young spy named Femke. She is tasked with a mission by the emperor to visit a neighbouring king’s court. She promptly finds herself imprisoned for murder and stranded in a strange country.
I really can’t say too much for fear of giving anything away. But needless to say, if you want a fast-paced, well thought out series with a kickass heroine, this is for you. The world is full of spies, assassins, politics and you’ll be gripped the whole way through.

Landline by Rainbow Rowell

I think Rainbow Rowell’s YA books get a lot more attention than her adult novels. It’s probably justified (I mean, Fangirl is one of my all time favourite books and I never get tired of reading it) but this is my next favourite.

Georgie McCool has to stay behind to work while her family flies to Nebraska for Christmas. This leaves her at odds with her husband, Neal, who is less than pleased about Georgie’s big break. To avoid going home to an empty house, Georgie goes back to her mom’s house to sleep in her old room. Thinking that she’s really blown it this time she tries calling Neal from her old landline – instead of getting her Neal, she reaches the Neal of 20 years ago.

After ‘Fangirl’ this is the Rainbow Rowell book I’ve read most. Instead of a falling in love story it’s more of having to work at that love. You’ve found your soulmate but can you make it work? Georgie struggles between love and career, something that it seems has always been an issue between her and Neal. I love this book because it’s so real. The struggles as a couple, managing kids and work, the fact that this book emphasises a great marriage doesn’t happen in a day. Georgie is adorable and quirky and I love her. Her family is equally lovable (their randomness reminds me of my own at times, complete with small dogs) and we also get to see Georgie’s sister, Heather, fall in love. It’s cuteness abounds.

I’m gonna shut up here because I think this is one I will actually review in full. Now that I’ve started talking about it, it’s hard to stop!

So that’s my list! Have you read any of these or are there books you think need more attention? Let us know. 🙂

Luna xx



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