August Book Haul – Andy

I really, really, really need to not buy books.

And yet…here is a post in which I catalog all the books I have acquired this August.

The Discworld Colouring Book


I’ve seen hundreds of colouring books come in over the past year or so, since the beginning of the Great Craze, but this is one of my all time favourites. Not only Discworld, but Paul Kidby’s artwork too!

The Hedge Knight graphic novel (ebook)

hedge knight

I’ve been considering picking these up in print form but bought this as an ebook because it was cheap and I was curious. I still haven’t made up my mind as to whether it’s worth invesitng in the rest of them.

As Meat Loves Salt (ebook)


As I’ve said before, in my TBR post, this book keeps coming up in my recomends feed on Goodreads, so I went looking for the digital version in an attempt to preserve the precious space on my shelves.

The Lunchbox Book

lunch box book

I’ve been living at home for a couple of years now, so going back to uni means getting back into the habit of cooking for myself. This book was one of the few that promises to make preparing nice lunches ahead of time simple and yummy, but looks like it might actually deliver! And, most importantly, using affordable ingredients.

DC Bombshells Vol 2: Allies

Huzzah! I’ve been waiting for this for ages and it finally arrived. It’s WW2 and all the super-heroines of the world are pitching in (with, of course, villainesses on the side of evil).


So far so good right? I got halfway through August and I was pretty proud of myself. I need to cut back on books because I’m moving out into student accommodation (read: cupboard with a window if I’m lucky) and I’m trying to take as much as I can with me so that my mother doesn’t burn my left over belongings the moment I’m gone.

And then…something terrible happened. I found myself slightly addicted to Charlaine Harris. Her two mystery series, to be precise.

After reading Shakespeare’s Landlord and Real Murders which I’ve had on my shelves for a little while now I found myself hooked, and I ordered…well…almost all of them

Lily Bard Mysteries:

Shakespeare’s Champion

Shakespeare’s Christmas

Shakespeare’s Trollop

Shakespeare’s Councillor


Aurora Teagarden Mysteries:

Bone To Pick

The Julius House

Dead Over Heels

A Fool and His Honey

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries by Charlaine Harris!

Damn, this post just keeps getting longer and longer. I swear I’m trying to cut back!

Magekiller vol 1


Dragon Age is one of my all time favourite RPGs. The lore and world building are extraordinary and I’m thrilled there’s a new comic series so I can explore that world further.

The Silence (ebook)


Blind creatures are released from their underground lair and lay waste to Europe – for anyone left, to whisper is to summon death. Ever since reading Josh Malerman’s Bird Box, in which a nameless horror sweeps through the world sending all who catch a glimpse of it spiraling into violent madness and suicide, I’ve been yearning for another book that will give me the same abject terror of being held hostage by one’s own senses, and I think this fits the bill.

Essex Serpent


(Technically this was a proof I sent off for, so I got it for free. That’s not nearly so bad. Right?)

Monstress vol 1

Faith vol 1

I also got these, and A Head Full of Ghosts for free from the publishers as well because I’m lucky, lucky, lucky.

a head full of ghosts

*squee* This has been on my to-read list for so damn long, and now I finally have a copy! In my hands! To read! It’s only just been published in the UK and I’ve been glued to the pages ever since it arrived.

So whilst I may not have been successful in resisting the allure of new books this month, there is always a chance that September might be better. At least I’ll have all these shiny beauties to keep me company.

Until next time, internet travelers.


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