Mid-Nano update

So you might have noticed we’re gone very quiet over…well, everywhere. Twitter is quiet, the blog is quiet, Pinterest is quiet, we had videos planned for Youtube that have yet to surface…


You’d think it would be easier with two people…but no. That’s a lie. We’re still behind. It just means both of us to procrastinate.

Our heads are filled with work, mermaids and uni in Andy’s case so we’re probably going to stick to tweets and smaller posts until December. We promise loads more content and building up Novel Darlings when this is over!

Author Meets and Birthday Book Post

So the most interesting book I got in the month of October is a signed copy of Goldenhand by Garth Nix! Andy works at Waterstones and he came to sign copies and she got one for me as my birthday present. It’s beautiful and shiny and I can’t wait to read it!

And Andy, lucky duck that she is, met Garth Nix. She said he’s a gem. So jelly but I will have to make do with reading about Lirael again!


Awesome November Releases

Secondly, the book I have been most excited for all year was released on the 8th of November!

I don’t have my hands on it yet but I am seriously considering buying the hardback. It’s dark and simple and I am probably going to break my ‘I don’t buy hardbacks’ rule. It’s simple and beautiful. I love that we can really tell this is a villain origin story from the cover alone. Those are obviously roses but none of them are in bloom – all we have are thorns.

Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers was also released this month. I don’t think I ever got around to reading the second one in the ‘His Fair Asssassin’ series but I did enjoy the first so I would like to catch up.

Tigers, queens and vampires, oh my

Andy read Tiger and the Wolf by Adrian Tchaikovsky.

Her comment was that it’s ‘fantasy done right’ so that’s a suggestion for you.

I finished The Crown by Kiera Cass and while it’s not my favourite of The Selection series, I was satisfied with it as an ending. I have grown fond of Eadlyn and liked her character development. That said I’m planning on doing a series long review of it with a friend, who loves – and criticises – it as much as I do.

I am also struggling through the Undead series by MaryJanice Davidson. I challenged myself to read all 15 at the beginning of October. I’m on Undead and Unwary (number 13) right now and I want nothing more than to stab Betsy and burn her carcass. I did really enjoy the first seven or so, more than I expected to…and now it’s like the labours of Hercules. You’d think that after 13 books or so a character would evolve and not be the whiny self-absorbed ditz she was in book one, but no. It’s like Betsy was a pokemon and instead of a useful evolution, she just turned into Bitch Queen instead. I pity those who are under her rule for 5,000 years.

Book Haul

I have books. They have been hauled! However this is both October and November (because of that whole, oh hey, we haven’t posted anything since October, our bad.) They’re mostly used ones from Ebay but I hope to do a post on them in December anyway. There are some gorgeous ones and a lot I’m really excited to have.

There’s no such thing as bad books to have in your haul.


Apologies for the ma-hoosive picture but this way you can see all the titles clearly!


So Andy was in Iceland for the first five days and now we’re kind of…behind? Like…5k behind?

It could be worse.

But even if we don’t win, this is still great for us to get some actual work done on the story we’ve been planning for a whole year. I’ve been so excited to finally write about our heroine and the world we’re constantly changing and adding to.

If you happen to be doing NaNo yourself, add us! We’re Novel Darlings. 🙂


So that’s it for us! We’ll probably be doing these random, short catch ups for the next week and a bit. Did I mention we’re behind? Did I also mention I want to win Nano for a second year in a row? I really do.

So that’s our catch up! We’re a bit behind in the book world atm so please let us know what you’re reading, what you’ve loved or hated and if you’re doing NaNo, commiserate with us!!

Love Luna and Andy xx




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