After NaNoWriMo

That’s right me hearties. Luna and I are official winners of NaNoWriMo 2016! *cue cheering*. We successfully completed the challenge of writing 50’000 of our joint novel, the as-yet unnamed Mermaid Project.


It wasn’t easy, by any stretch of the imagination. Luna works full time and I struggled juggling my PhD and two part time jobs in order to schedule writing time. Luckily for team Novel Darlings, Luna suggested creating a schedule over summer ahead of writing month, and her lovely boyfriend created an excellent excel document that we could update everyday so we could see how many words each we needed to write, how much we’d done so far, and how many words we had left to go.

I discovered a lot about collaborative writing that I didn’t know before and that google docs is my savior; that my best writing is done late at night; and that the last few thousand words are the hardest.

Writing is hard

Writing is hard

We’re both exhausted and I for one would like to take a few weeks off to relax. Alas, life continues and now I need to concentrate on all the work that took a back seat during the November.

But I’m just gonna go take a short nap…

It's not morning yet!

It’s not morning yet!

Luna here! I’m gonna agree that NaNo is hard. I kind of forgot that between doing it last year and this year. Guess it’s like childbirth…

Anyways, we pulled it out right at the end somehow. I was working an event the 30th so I was expecting to have to go home and do words…but I checked my phone and there was Andy saying she’d done 5k and finished our total. Needless to say, I will now believe her when she says she works best under pressure.

When you’re BFFs for 13 years and they still surprise you

I’m gonna agree that my boyfriend is awesome – Nomad did some awesome excel magic that I cannot even fathom and it really was useful. It was good to see how much we’d done and how many we had to do a day to finish.

It was far easier this year to turn off my inner editor. I also remembered the trick of writing what bits you want towards the end. Last year I was struggling to hit my word count sequentially – so I skipped ahead and wrote whatever I was interested in writing at the time. At the end of the month you’re kind of burnt out so whatever gets you to your end total is good.

Another thing of note is that when I brought up nano at work I made a random comment about the fact that I’d researched mermaid sex…and a colleague of mine, God love her, immediately went into a theory about mermaids birthing eggs like fish. It was random and hilarious and not the method Andy and I opted for but still, it was a moment I will probably remember for a long time.

So like Andy said, we’re having a break now. She has her uni work and I have other projects I should pick up from fics, to knitting, to this here blog, which is in desperate need of some love. But we’ll be back to mermaids soon to write as much of our novel as we can before we start picking away and editing it.

But for now, we’re having some down time, at least until after Christmas. Andy and I need to do some more planning before we start writing again so we need that done first.

So that’s really kind of it for Nano. We don’t have a name for our novel still and we’re fairly sure it’ll be two books but other than that it’s pretty good here. What we would like to do is finish book 1 and then start book 2 for NaNo 2017. 

That’s the plan anyways. Our plans don’t usually go as they should. Andy will still be in the depths of her PHD work and I don’t really know what’ll be happening with me in a years time. I’d like to finish my pony fic at some point. I’d like to finish my boyfriend’s anniversary present (our anniversary was in September.)

Basically, we’re procrastinators.

Anyway, expect more Novel Darlings content, including (I hope) videos!




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