Novel Christmas Gifts for Your Darlings

It’s that time!

The last week before Christmas, panicked shoppers fill the streets, frustrated parents herd their children through the shops whilst buying presents for them with the sleight of hand that would make a magician blush.

Have no fear, for the stress will soon be over, and we’ll all be stuffing our faces instead,

Here are some pointers if you’re struggling this week to buy for the nerdy, book-addicted weirdo in your life.

Offensive Socks

You aint the boss pf me

You ain’t the boss of me

Socks get a bad reputation as being the worst possible Christmas present, but I say take a leaf out of Dumbledore’s book:

‘One can never have enough socks’ ~ Professor Dumbledore

The person receiving your gift can glam up their feet with pretty colours and sarcastic messages, letting them know that you truly ‘get’ them. Honestly, who doesn’t want their ankles to declare the downfall of the patriarchy? Motherf*cking girl power!

temporary tattoos


They see me rollin’

D&D dice temporary tattoo

There’s an abundance of intriguing tattoos in fiction, and indeed literary inspired tattoos in real life. But many people lack the ability to decide on what they’d like to ink into their skin forevermore (and some of us are a little bit afraid of needles…and changing our minds…and pain). All this can be solved by temporary tattoos! Your loved one can decorate themselves however they wish with this gift, and then start all over again when they eventually come off.

Adorable diy decorations


Some say home made gifts are the best gifts, because they come from the heart. That all well and good if you’re happy to spend every night up until Christmas eve cutting/crafting/painstakingly stitching/soldering etc. the perfect present. But it really is hard to deny the intense cute factor of these little Mouse Guard decorations.

Cookie cutters of their favourite people


Edgar Allan Dough

3D Cookie Cutter – Edgar Allan Poe

Perfect for the baker in your life and anyone who loves a good pun.

Pretty Lights


Tea Lights

Quirky Teapot Lights

‘Books’ often mean ‘tea’. ‘Tea’ is commonly associated with ‘party’. ‘Tea Parties’ are the very best of parties, every Hatter knows that. And pretty lights are an absolute must.

everything on their tbr list…

When in doubt, just remember that you can always play it safe because:


And that’s all folks! Have a wonderful Christmas everyone; we hope you get everything on your Christmas (reading) lists. Failing that, we wish you a relaxing holiday season with the giant mug of tea that you clearly all deserve.

See you next time.

Novel Darlings


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