My 2017 Bookish Resolutions

Resolutions. Those things that everyone makes a list of (probably in a drunken haze at 11.45pm on December 31st) and then never sticks to. I have not made any resolutions since I was about 14, having sussed that the new year isn’t really any better to change your ways than the rest of the year.

But this year is different. Because in August 2016 I started a book blog with my best friend/partner in crime and while I’m happy with how it’s going so far, I want to push Novel Darlings to be even better.


Resolution 1:

I will save the vouchers I got for Christmas for my anticipated 2017 books. Obviously, I could take that voucher and spend it all right. this. second… but I won’t. Instead I’ll wait and use it on things like Caraval, Wires and Nerves and Poison’s Kiss, all released this month.

Resolution 2:

I made a 2017 reading challenge on Goodreads – I’ve never bothered with this before, not wanting to make a target for my reading, instead wanting to enjoy it. However, this year I made one just to push myself to make more time for reading. It feels like this isn’t always time to sit down with a cup of tea and a book so this year, I want to make time.

Resolution 3:

Continue my clear out. I earmarked a lot of books for charity shops just earlier today and I want to continue that. As much as I want to keep all the books, I can’t. There are just too many and there are too many books I want that I need to make space for. So this year I intend to read the TBR books on my shelf and if they’re not 4 stars or above, they’re out. To good homes, where they’ll be loved and won’t have their corners bent.

Resolution 4:

Probably try and curb my book buying habit. Eh. This one’s a little iffy. I make no promises.

Resolution 5:

Try and restrain myself when it comes to free books. A friend of mine is clearing her shelves and is bringing over her un-haul at the end of this month. Which is great cause hey, free books…however, I am still working my way through the TWO FREAKING BOXES of books I got from her last time.

Resolution 6:

Try and get the best deal I can. I love new books but they can be pricey and it all adds up. Last week I bought the pb of Baby Doll by Hollie Overton and then promptly saw it in two other places for way cheaper. So, lesson learned. Sometimes I will have to wait longer for a book if I can save money on it.

Resolution 7:

Don’t feel like I have to finish a book I’m not enjoying. Sometime I keep reading to the end, even if it’s not fantastic because I want to see how it ends but sometimes a book is just so awful and drags so much, I need to be able to stop and go ‘actually, this is a waste of my time.’

Resolution 8: 

BUT. On the other hand if I pick up a book and I do like, I have to try and finish it. No getting distracted with another book half way through. No getting distracted and then leaving it there. ESPECIALLY NO GETTING BORED AND THEN ABANDONING IT. I’ll never finish it if I do that and I cannot be asked to read it again to finish it.

Resolution 9:

Keep my bookshelves in order and stop chucking new books on top of it instead of putting it away. IT LOOKS MESSY, THEY DESERVE BETTER.

Resolution 10:

Not exactly book related but it is blog related! I need to write more reviews. Maybe they can be reacts, maybe they can be in video form but basically, reviews are the basics of any blog and we kind of slack on them. Because they’re hard. And long. And it’s surprisingly difficult to remember the details of a book you read only a few days ago.


So that’s it, my first post of the new year. I really do have big plans for this blog so hopefully I can follow through and Andy has a good enough grip on her uni life that she can add to those plans. 🙂

Happy New Year!


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