Insane January Book Haul

I’m going to say right off I did not buy all of these. A large chunk came from a friend clearing her collection and a few came from Christmas.

Even so, that’s a lot of books. I’m having to do an unhaul to balance it out!

I’m not going to list them individually as we’d be here forever. So I’m going to point out anything especially interesting or books I’m happy to finally have.


It’s…quite a mix, looking at it now.

My friend got rid of most of her Ouran High School Host Club, which is great for me. I only had the first three. She kept her favourites so I have a few I still need to get but I’m happy to have the bulk of the series. 🙂


I probably dance as awkwardly as this, tbh.

I got Rebel of the Sands, just in time to get Traitor to the Throne! It’s just been released but I’m going to wait until next week to order it, when other books are available. The covers are beautiful.

There is also a Sarah Pinborough novel ’13 Minutes’ which I am excited to read. I can’t wait to get my hands on ‘Behind Her Eyes,’ her latest book, so I’m happy to read something else of hers first.

A few other highlights include ‘First Class Murder,’ the final Robin Stevens school murder book that I need. Christmas present from Andy! I also have a few Agatha Christie’s, Enchanted by Alethea Kontis and an ARC copy of Heartless that I found in a charity shop this week! I’m going to be getting the PB the minute it comes out next week. And I kinda want the HB too. IT’S TOO PRETTY.


As Andrea and I are writing a mermaid book, I’ve been reading a lot of the genre lately, just to see what else is out there. This series – the Waterfire saga by Jennifer Donnelly – is so far my favourite. I read all four in a week and bought the first three books just as quickly. The covers are gorgeous to boot. Just waiting to get my hands on ‘Sea Spell.’


Two hardbacks that I have been dying for. Three Dark Crowns (yes, ok, this hardback is my fifth copy of this book. So sue me) and the Thousandth floor by Katharine McGee. Both are beautiful and are two of my favourite novels of 2016.


This was a Christmas present and I was giddy when I opened it. I love this series, stumbling across ‘The Homecoming Masquerade’ as a free kindle book and then devouring the rest. It’s a great series with an interesting take on vampires and with really fantastic twists throughout. Definitely recommend you read this – the first in the series is free on kindle.


And the final standout of my haul this month. Another mermaid novel, this book follows Lia, a descendant of the original little mermaid. As it’s my favourite Disney movie, obviously I had to read it! It was beyond fabulous and getting the paperback was a priority so this was another great Christmas surprise.

So that’s it for January. To be honest, I’m looking forward to February’s haul so much more, even though it involves less books. There are some great releases I’ll have my hands on by then. And to boot I will have my February Bookish Crate by then!


Crazy lady grabby hands.

It’s rare I get this many books in a haul but blame friends who clear their shelves and decide I’m the perfect home for abandoned books. Well, they’re not wrong…

This is going to be a really exciting month, with all the new releases, my first book crate and the fact that Andy and I are working on rehauling the blog. Many new shiny things to get you guys awesome and exciting new content.

Coming up, a project round up and my unhaul!



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