Project Roundup

We’ve been a little light on the ground in terms of posting recently. So, what has team Novel Darlings been getting up to?

The Projects


We done wrote a thing! As you know, we won NaNoWriMo in November (thereby winning at life); so what do we plan on doing from there?

We’re splitting our joint project into two parts – we had so much material Luna suggested we turn the thing into a duo-logy before things started getting out of hand.

Currently, our new target is to plot out the next arc of the book – the next ten chapters or so – and then write them. NaNoWrimo took us to 50,000 words, about half way, so we’re looking at another 50,000 to finish the story. Then we’ll work out how to edit the damn thing and make it in some way readable, before plotting out ‘Novel Darlings Grand Fiction Project: Part 2‘ in time for Nano 2017.

I reckon we’ll end up with about 200,000 words of material.

That escalated quickly

Accurate representation of Andy’s facial expression



Andy and I had a Skype session a few weeks back, regarding an attack plan for the blog. As she struggles to find time and long winded reviews are not fun at all to write, we’ve been discussing how to make appealing, engaging posts that we can both find time to do and make them to the quality we’re happy with. We’re going to have a lot more direction on what posts we do each month and we’re both doing research on other kind of posts we can do and how to put good content out quickly.


We are trying for videos, we promise, but we have accepted that they will not be a frequent thing. It’s hard to find time to edit them as Luna is new to the software right now but it should get easier and quicker. I, Luna, have a few videos I’d like to do and when we can it would be great for both of us to be on screen.

Fic writing

In case you don’t know Luna wrote 53k in Nano 2015 for a fanfiction. She’s written very little since then. This year, she needs to kick it up a notch because that’s kind of a fail.

“I would like to see it finished. Sadly, I have put everything else I write on hiatus. This is the one fanfiction project I will keep going when we have the blog and book writing.” ~ Luna

I have two awesome proofreaders that I’m lucky to be working with and they’ve been a great asset in improving the quality of work I put out. Hopefully, they’ll be sticking with me a while longer. We’re on Chapter 8. I have about 30 chapters planned.



I could write a whole load of posts about how my PhD is going, but I have to accept that probably only I would find that even remotely interesting. I’m in year 1 of potentially a four year research degree, but I’m self-funded, so I also work about 20 hours a week in a book store, and I have a separate pastoral job working for my university. It keeps me fed and a roof over my head but it seriously detracts from the time I can spend doing my research! *le sigh* Here’s hoping something changes next year, because as it stands I’m struggling to maintain the ‘full time’ aspect of my PhD.

And for reasons unknown to me I’ve also ended up writing a fiction duology with my best friend at the same time. Go figure. ~ Andy


Oh, you know you love it. But it is hard, hence why we’ve decided to make blog posts etc a little easier on all of us, as we discuss above ~ Luna.

So that’s it for us. Yeah, it’s a lot going on, on top of our regular lives and craft projects and relationships but we’re trying our best to manage it.

Or Andy could hide in bed for a week and I try to drown myself in cake. Who knows? It’s the joy of writing!


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