Luna’s January to March 2017 Picks

I have way, way too many books in 2017 that I am excited about so I’m splitting up one post into several over the year. This means I don’t have to miss out books to make it shorter and I can also accommodate new books as they get announced during the year or as I find them.

But for now, this post is for all of the books I plan on spending my Christmas vouchers on.

If you’re anything like me, relatives probably get you book or Amazon vouchers as a present. They know you like books but don’t know which ones you need or are into and vouchers can easily solve that problem. I love having vouchers but I always encounter the same problem.

Not spending them all right away.

Yeah, it’s hard. My want list is pretty long, I could easily spend all that money right now. But 2017 is a pretty good year for releases so I’ve decided to save my money and buy new books I really want. That way I might actually clear some of my TBR before I get stacks of new books.

So here are the books in the next three months that I am eagerly awaiting…




Behind Her Eyes


Wires and Nerve, Vol. 1


January Pick – Behind Her Eyes

I love a good thriller book, something that keeps me on the edge of my seat. Sadly they’re not too common, usually because the ending falls flat right when it needs to hit you in the face. This sounds promising especially with that hashtag… #wtfthatending


King’s Cage 


The Wish Granter


My Not So Perfect Life


Traitor to the Throne


Long May she Reign


Blood of Wonderland


February Pick – Long May She Reign

It was a close call for February as there are a lot of awesome books out…but in the end ‘Long May She Reign’ came out on top for my most anticipated. Rather than a fairy tale, this book seems like a fairy tale in itself. Freya is 23rd in line to the throne and never expects to rule…until a deadly dinner means that she’s suddenly queen.


The Scarecrow Queen


The End of Oz


Bad Blood


The Bone Witch


March Pick – The Bone Witch

There are a few great sequels being released in March but the Bone Witch grabbed my attention. Witches and necromancers? That’s right up my creepy, atmospheric, chain-rattling alley.

Paperback Releases!

The majority of my collection are paperbacks, simply because they are easier to manage and it leaves me with more space. It has to be a really, really pretty cover for me to buy a hardback.

A few awesome books were released last year but I’ve had to wait for the paperback as usual (HARDEST WAIT IN THE WORLD)

Heartless – February 9th

This is Where It Ends – March 1st

Blood of Wonderland and King’s Cage – February 9th


So that’s it for now. I’m going to do these quarterly I think. That way I have time and new books can be easily added and they’re not so for ahead that the releases feel like forever away.

Now if you’ll excuse me, as it’s February 9th, I have some book ordering to do…






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