Luna’s Massive Unhaul

2017 is a great year for books. Wonderful releases, fantastic sequels, gripping stand-alones and we’re not even counting all the great books from last year that I have yet to get.

But new books need space.

Commence the unhaul!


First off, the Hunger Games series is on the chopping block. I love this series but I just do not have the enthusiasm to keep the books anymore. I have them on kindle should I ever want to read them so it’s not like the books get used. They’re pretty but it’s time to move on. (Although this does leave me with an air of sadness – I searched all over for those covers!)


My Jodi Picoults are next. I have kept my two favourites (The Storyteller and Nineteen Minutes) but again, I have the majority of these on Kindle and my Jodi Picoult phase is over. When I first discovered her I bought and read all of these in a matter of weeks. It’s time to let them go.


Next is an assortment of Jill Mansells. TBH I still love these but it’s irritating me that these covers don’t match EVERY SINGLE OTHER COVER I HAVE. As it’s only six of them, they’re getting booted. If I see the covers that match the rest of the series in a charity shop, there’s a good chance I’ll replace them but until then, I need the space. And aside from Staying at Daisy’s, none of them are in my top five anyway.


Then we have a hodge podge of sorts. These are just books I no longer read or like as much and in the case of Etiquette and Espionage, never finished. It was interesting and I enjoyed what I read but I acknowledge that this is not my kind of thing.


Random cluster part two.

Reached – Never read and I’m unlikely to now. I am no longer interested in the series.

Looking Glass Wars – I do like this book…just not enough for a hard copy.

Starcrossed – This was…fine. I do intend to read the rest but I won’t be keeping the others when I’ve read them either.

The Naturals – I did like this when I first read it. The premise was good but I doubt I will reread this to read the rest of the series.

Crossed – See Reached. I didn’t like this one as much but I have kept Matched as that was always my favourite.

Abandon – I never read this and I’m not going to.


Same verse same as the first really. Not as into them. Have them on kindle. Next!


And finally, some chick lit. I’ve not been impressed with Sophie Kinsella lately. Shopaholic to the Rescue was a slight improvement but over all I think I’m kind of done. I am keeping my favourites though – Undomestic Goddess, I’ve got your number, Remember Me and Twenties Girl.


So that’s it for now. But some people (Frankie!) keep clearing their shelves and unloading them onto me. Yes, I know I could say no but it is free books. The plan is to read them and pass them on…but I’m never very good at reading the things I’m supposed to.


So that’s it, the first of what will hopefully be several unhauls this year. As I don’t have the space and won’t for the foreseeable future hoarding them is not on the cards (OH GOD, I WANT TO HOARD THEM.)


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