My Bookish Crate February Box

For Christmas I got money for three boxes of any book crate subscription I want. I got the February Box of MyBookishCrate but then they announced that March would be their last (just my luck!) As I wasn’t able to snag the March box or FairyLoot’s One Year anniversary box, FairyLoot’s April box will be my next. But for now, here is the fabulous February box of MyBookishCrate.

Awww, yiss, here is my first (and sadly, last) MyBookishCrate box.

This is February’s Box, with the theme of ‘Parallel worlds.’ It arrived and my dad collected it. I knew what it was right away as I had nothing else due to arrive in the post.


The box, still sealed. Not kidding about those feels.


A cool quote is revealed when I lifted the lid


First glimpse inside the box. It comes with the artwork for ‘Parallel Worlds’ and a description of the contents on the other side.

The artwork is very pretty. It has a very distinct fairy tale feel to it, so much so that it makes me think of Once Upon A Time.


First up we have some little bookmarks from EpikPage. Apparently they’re from the Mortal Instrument series so I’m going to pass them over to a friend. But they’re definitely very cute and I checked the Etsy page and they have a teeny America Singer from The Selection so I will probably be getting her.


Then we have some little badges. These are from V.E. Schwab’s Shades of Magic series, which I intend to start now that the third one has been released so super happy to have these.


Harry Potter mini! I love mystery boxes. It’s probably how I ended up with so many MLP Blind bags.


I got…Dobby. I find him a smidge creepy. Moving on.


This is a ‘Kell’ Candle from Meraki Candles. It’s strawberry, chocolate, and lily and smells great. Again, hoping to start Shades of Magic soon so I can light this candle as I read!


Some very cool Alice in Wonderland notebooks. I have a horrible feeling I’ll find these too pretty to mess up with my horrific writing…

And now for the main event!


The summary from Amazon says –

A modern Britain
An age-old cruelty

Britain’s magically skilled aristocracy compels all commoners to serve them for ten years – and now it’s the Hadleys’ turn. Abi Hadley is assigned to England’s most ruthless noble family. The secrets she uncovers could win her freedom – or break her heart. Her brother Luke is enslaved in a brutal factory town, where new friends’ ideals might cost him everything.

Then while the elite vie for power, a young aristocrat plots to remake the world with his dark gifts. As Britain moves from anger to defiance, all three must take sides. And the consequences of their choices will change everything, forever.


This sounds very much like my type of book and I love the cover. I like gold and black together (The Thousandth Floor’s HB cover is a perfect example of this done right.) I hadn’t heard of this book before I got it in my box, which is great. It’s nice getting books you know you want to read but it’s also great being exposed to new books as well.

Anyway, that’s everything in the box and I hope you enjoyed my very first book crate post. What other book subscriptions do you guys get? Let me know, I’m on the look out for new ones to subscribe to!

We’re very sorry about the lack of posts lately – unfortunately the last few weeks have been extremely busy for us. But we still intend to work on bringing better, more frequent content.


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