Fairyloot Box Opening – April

IT’S APRIL! And that means the arrival of my second book crate and first Fairyloot box!

I’m pretty darn excited. I’ve seen many an unboxing before on blogs and Booktube but this will be my very first one.

So I hope you rip into this post, like I ripped into that box.


Have I mentioned that I love these boxes? The plain black with the simple, pretty logo is very striking. Also, aren’t you impressed with me for taking a picture before I tore into it?


I love the quote. That is the whole point of fairy tales – dragons, witches, general evil can always be overcome.


I was very careful to not look at the other side but I managed to snap a pic without spoiling myself. This is my second book crate art and I’m thinking that if I get enough I should do something with them. Maybe pin them to my corkboard?


Arrgh, I freaking love the aesthetics of this box.


It’s a tiny box! I think I can guess what’s inside this…


It’s a mug! This is a quote from ‘A Court of Mist and Fury.’ It’s a super pretty mug, perfect for afternoon cups of tea with my book.


Next up is a candle – this is Reverie by Meraki Candles. It smells pretty awesome. I’m kind hesitant to light it because it’s too pretty but once it’s all gone I might use the tub for holding beads or something.


This is a cute enamel pin, that fits perfectly into the theme of the crate. I really love that all of the items are different and interesting but are still linked together.


This is a freaking adorable magnet that has to go on my filing cabinet ASAP. It even has a dream catcher and if you know me at all, you’re probably aware that I love them (I only have oh six or seven…or maybe ten? I lose count.)

I was super lucky with the next item.


It’s my birth month! Yeah, I’m a September baby. I love sapphires so this worked out perfectly. It’s cute and tiny and exactly handbag sized (because I am sensible and don’t go anywhere without a notebook.)


It’s a tote! And good thing too…my Bazinga! tote is getting a hole at the bottom so this was well timed. This one is so gorgeous with its royal blue and a quote from ‘The Mime Order.’

We’re onto the main event now, folks! You ready? I was pretty certain I knew what the book was beforehand…


And I was right! It’s Given to the Sea by Mindy McGinnis. I loved ‘The Female of the Species‘ so I am super excited to read a fantasy novel by her (also I recommend you read ‘The Female of the Species.’ Do it. Do it now.)


Here we have a letter from the author. The book has cats and murder so I’m definitely on board.


This is my happy murder face


And finally, here is everything together. It only just all fits in to display!

Getting to the end of a book crate is always like waking up on Boxing day and realising Christmas is over. Guess I’ll have to play with my new shinies until next time.

This was my first experience with Fairy Loot and it was great. Every item is cute, useful and fits well in the box. The book came in it’s own little bag so it’s well protected and quite honestly, anything with the Fairy Loot logo on is cute enough to use again.

I haven’t read much by Mindy McGinnis but as I adored the only other book I have read by her, I am really excited about this. I had been interested when I saw it on Goodreads…and then quickly figured out that it sounded very similar to the April theme and was probably the book inside. So just to be sure, (because very, very occasionally I am wrong. OCCASIONALLY) I didn’t order it.

So that’s all from me! I know Andy and I have been pretty quiet this month but it’s not been a good month for us for a variety of things. A lot of my attention is been into getting our new sporking blog up and running and Andy has been drowning in illness and PHD work. But have no fear, we have awesome posts ready for publishing soon and we hope to be better in May.

Until next time (which won’t be as far away this time, I swear.)



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