Reading Slumps

Oh yeah, I’m having one of those. I blame my recent move, to be honest. My brain is full of things like ‘Must get sponges,’ ‘Where can I put that box?’ and the like. We’ve all had them, we all hate them but for whatever reason, we all get reading slumps.

So I’m making a post about it.

People have different views on reading slumps. I’ve heard of a few people who don’t believe in them and that you just happen to read fewer books in a period of time. Others hate them as they can’t read anything during them. Either way, it’s not a good thing for a reader, especially when you have such a long TBR list and even more so when you’re a blogger and new posts rely on what you’ve read!

I have two different problems with book slumps. In certain slumps, I try book after book, reading a little bit at a time…and never finishing any of them. I will open a new book and read a chapter and then find I can’t read anymore, leaving it unfinished. This is ridiculously annoying. I like finishing books. I need to know what happens. I’m on 87/100 books down on my Goodreads challenge and I aim to beat that 100. Reading is kind of crucial for that goal.

Not to mention that all the different books can get very confusing in your head after a while.


This is also my face after I’ve been to Ikea. I still have no idea how that place works…

The other type of slump I have is where I can’t read what I’m supposed to.  Fanfiction is usually what I end up reading during these. Magazines, TV tropes, manga, my own writing…you name it.  Anything but a book.

And which do I have right now?



This is not a good thing, guys. Not counting physical books, here is a list of the books I have unfinished on my Overdrive right now.

    • The Replaced – Kimberly Derting
    • Unplugged – Donna Freitas
    • Frostblood – Elly Blake
    • Wintersong – S. Jae-Jones
    • The Bone Season – Samantha Shannon
    • This Savage Song – V.E. Schwab
    • Mortal Gods – Kendare Blake

The list is worse when you add in hard copies, made more confusing by the fact that a few of them are still in boxes.

So what to do?


Option 1

Wait it out. You never know. You could be lucky and it lasts only a few days. Maybe if you distract yourself with other things it’ll easily pass on its own. If not, proceed to option two.

Option 2

Put the book down. Find literally anything else to do. I like to catch up on TV series or movies in these periods or crafting is also good. I sometimes write if I’m having a slump (I should always write but reading is a lot easier than trying to put my own words on the page!)

Option 3

Pick up something completely different. Been reading a lot of fantasy? Maybe pick up a contemporary novel. A complete change of pace might help. It might seem a bit counterproductive to pick up another book when you can’t seem to finish one but sometimes you can get into a bit of a bog with reading the same kind of book over and over again.

Option 4

Reread something. This is something I go to a lot when I’m having a slump. It’s not taxing because I’ve read it before but it also can help remind you of why you love reading. There’s a book out there that can break the book slump…sometimes you’ve already read it.

Option 5

Read anything other than fiction. Magazines, non-fiction, manga, fanfiction even. It’s not quite what you’re after, sure, and it can seem like a bit of a waste of time. Yeah, I can hear you screaming ‘BUT MY TBR LIST IS 250 BOOKS LONG, HOW WILL THIS HELP ME?!’ But trust me, it works. This ties into option 3 and reading something different. If a different genre isn’t working for you, try an entirely different type of reading. I am a crazy manga hoarder so I read these a lot during slumps or if that fails, fanfiction solves everything.


I am going to go take some of my own advice by not thinking about reading and watching Gilmore Girls. I could also unpack…but naaaah. The unpacked boxes are tomorrow Luna’s problem (Future Luna hates me a LOT.)

If you guys have suggestions, please let me know what you read in slumps and what’s broken them in the past. I’m desperate, so desperate. I JUST WANT TO FINISH A BOOK.




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