Book Move and New Shelves

So if you follow this blog with any frequency, you’ve probably heard Luna stressing about her impending move. And probably stressing even more about the fact that she couldn’t move into her new flat due to lack of carpet.

But now the stress and hair pulling is over. The boxes are in, it’s all official and a happy Luna is once again among us.

Now for the new most important thing – BOOK SHELVES.

This took me several days to sort because, unlike my previous room, I don’t have a whole lot of space. My wall to wall shelving dream will just have to wait.

But for the meantime, I went with the important books and a few TBRs.


Top shelf! This shelf consists of books that are differently shaped to the standard paperback. We’ve got my Terry Pratchett books and the Undead series, both sitting on Daughter of the Burning City. This beautiful book was Fairy loot’s July book. Next to that is my Wiccapedia (this book drive me crazy, it fits NOWHERE) and then some hardbacks. I love all of these so they had to go pride of place.

  • My hardback copy of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I adore this HB copy, it has a placeholder and Fangirl written on the pages.
  • Behind her eyes by Sarah Pinborough. I got this HB copy in a charity shop in Reading. It’s in great condition and only three pounds. I was glued to this book until the very end so it was a must have.
  • Final Girls by Riley Sager. I haven’t read this yet but it’s long been on my must read list. I only got this last week, another charity shop find. I’m having serious luck right now with secondhand books.
  • And of course, my Slytherin house copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

And then to the right of those, more Pagan books. And my super awesome dragon snowglobe. Not pictured is Dean’s amulet and my time turner that both hang from this top shelf.


Next week have a favourites shelf. This shelf includes three series, a ghost standalone, an old favourite, three copies of Fangirl, five Marissa Meyers and the PB Slytherin Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. Yes, I have both HB and PB. Yes, I have a total of FOUR copies of Fangirl. I am trying to make it five if I could ever get my hands on the pink collector’s edition. I’m working on it.

This shelf also features a miniature 1967 Chevy Impala and a custom My Little Pony.


TBR shelf! It was very hard picking what books to prioritise reading but I think I got a good mix. The ones I’m most excited about are Unconventional, S.T.A.G.S. and Nemesis.

Also chunks of amethyst and another custom pony.


The next shelf down has some manga. It was so hard to only choose a few to keep out but in the end, I chose my favourite Arina Tanemura, Time Stranger Kyoko, and her newest series, Idol Dreams. And of course, I wasn’t going anywhere without my Sailor Moon. The little pot in front I’ve had since I was about ten and it holds my two favourite necklaces.


Also on the third shelf, I have the Waterfire Saga (appropriately watched over by Ariel) and then four more TBRs. I got the Broken trilogy at YALC and I’m hoping it’s going to be a great dystopian series for me to read. After that, we have Sweet Venom, a twist on the story of Medusa.


The fourth shelf is full of yet more favourites. We have my second favourite Rainbow Rowell book and The Upside of Unrequited, which I loved and highly recommend. My only problem with this shelf is that when I get new books they won’t fit. I need Fate of the Tearling, King’s Cage and Quests for Glory when it’s released this month…and right now there’s no space. But that is a problem for Future Luna.


And the last few on the fourth shelf are the Tiny Pretty things series (catty ballerinas) Three Dark Crowns (catty young queens) and The Thousandth Floor (catty heiresses. I only just realised that there is a bit of a theme going on here… The recent release of The Dazzling Heights leaves me with a similar problem.

Also shown is Show Stopper – this was a book I badly wanted to get at YALC but couldn’t. Due to the appearance of Hayley Barker signing books, there wasn’t one to be found anywhere at the convention. However, I found a copy on eBay only two weeks ago.

Fun fact! You see those four little cat figures in front of my books? Each one represents a cat I’ve had. In order, they are Darcy, Agatha, Horatio and my current cat and darling baby, Crystal.



I know you didn’t ask for a picture of my cat but you’re getting one anyway.


The bottom shelf is mostly books that I like but don’t prioritise enough to have them higher up. Even so, I felt that I couldn’t box them away so here they are. Maresi and Six of Crows are both TBRs.


And these are also books that are a bit oddly shaped. I wish I could have my HB copy of Caraval out but there just isn’t any room so I had to make do with the ARC copy instead. I have my signed copy of Geekerella (signed by Ashley Poston at Comic con back in May!) and the final two books in the Lunar Chronicles series. There are also three TBRs and a hard copy of one of my favourite kindle series, The Bitches of Ever After.

So that is all of my books that I currently have on display. I fully intend to vandalise this shelf with paint/wallpaper and whatever else I can find. I have some postcards and bookmarks from YALC that would bookify these shelves.

I have yet to find places for my Harry Potter series, Jem and the holograms comics and my Mad Max Fury Road Art book. But we’re on the look out for another set of shelves to fit in our room so here’s hoping we find one soon.

Nomad has said to stop buying books because we don’t have the room. It’s cute that he thinks that’s going to happen.





2 thoughts on “Book Move and New Shelves

  1. noveldarlings says:

    It’s a pretty important thing, especially when you’re like me and can only have certain books out and the rest in storage. It’s like ‘I’m going to see these books for months on end, they have to be the right ones!!’ Some people don’t get the importance of bookshelves.


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