Birthday Kindle Haul!

My 26th birthday was last month and I got a decent chunk of Amazon vouchers. Not surprisingly I bought a ton of kindle books almost immediately. Amazon has a few great sales on right now and between the monthly deals and their fall sale I was able to get quite a few ebooks I’ve been wanting to read.



I got a hard copy of this at YALC a few months back. It’s so much a ‘me’ book that my friend messaged to tell me about it a few weeks later because she thought I would like it. And the cover is great. It’s one of those that I love – simple but draws you in so effortlessly.

When Dimple Met Rishi


I’ve seen good things about it so I went to read the blurb on Amazon. It sounds cute and was described as ‘suitable for fans of Rainbow Rowell.’ Sold!



This looks very feminism and girl power based. I’m getting The Female of the Species vibes but without the darkness and murder.

One Dark Throne


I had to get this. You don’t understand, I need this. Much like I’ll need the hardback copy too.

The Walls


Baby Doll didn’t quite hit all the marks as a final girl story but I liked it enough that I marked Hollie Overton’s second novel as a must read.

Rotten Rapunzel


Anita Valle’s Dark Queens series is an interesting one. All of your typical, kind, beautiful disney princesses are twisted into dark, selfish queens in a unique way, with new twists on things like godmothers, magical tears and mirrors. I enjoyed Rotten Rapunzel less than the first two but I’m glad I bought it.



This sounds like Fangirl. I will be persuaded to read literally anything if it sounds like Fangirl.

Sweet Little Lies


This was a thriller/crime novel I’ve had a paperback copy of for a while now. Having it on Kindle meant that I could start it when the mood struck me. I didn’t like it enough to keep the physical copy but the good thing about ebooks is that I can still read it again and it doesn’t take up much space.



Andy got this for me the last time she was in town. I started a little bit of it already and it sounds fantastic. It sounds dark and gory and cut throat.



I’m loving this sudden influx of nerdy YA books, with their own little fandoms and fangirls. Fangirl is obviously my top pick for this but Geekarella follows close behind and I’m on the look out for more. This book follows Lexi, who helps run conventions with her dad when an unconventional author shows up.

Broken Sky


This is the first in a trilogy recommended to me by someone at YALC. The premise hooked me – a perfect world where there’s no war and your destiny is laid out for you from birth. Sounds like a great dystopian novel to me.

If you were wondering why I tend to have several copies of books it’s because I like having hard copies and ebooks of books if I’m sure I’ll like the book and the ebook is cheap. This normally only happens if I get the actual book first. My books stay pristine if I can help it and I hate taking them with me in my handbag. They won’t stay pristine for very long if they get jostled around in my Mary Poppins bag of hell and scraped, smothered and covered in various liquids. The frustrating thing is when I start a book and have to leave it at home. If it’s a book I’m deeply involved in, I don’t want to just start another entirely. But if I have it on my kindle/phone then I can pick up where I left off easily, and no books get damaged!

A kindle app on my phone is great. Even if my kindle is out of charge or at home I still have easy access to my library.

So that is all I have bought with my vouchers so far but for a splurge not long after my birthday, it’s pretty big! I’ve finished four already and have started another two so it’s been a great haul.

I will be doing another haul soon with physical books because somehow I ended up with tons of those too. Really, really sorry, Nomad, that thing about not buying books didn’t stick…

(I crossed my fingers when I said it anyway….)



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