End of NaNoWriMo round up

Hello, fellow readers and followers! Last month we dropped off the face of the map to chug large quantities of coffee, pull our hair out and curse at our laptops. It can only be that time of year again.

This year was Novel Darlings’ second year of Nano and Luna’s third. We’re on a streak and unlike last year where it was a bit of a struggle with Luna’s job and Andy being back at uni, this year we even finished early.


First off….I am aware we’re in December. And not like, even the beginning of December. We’re a good way into it by now. Christmas madness has started. Michael Buble is on loop at my work. I’m beginning to panic about gifts and wrapping.


We took a bit of a break, not going to lie. This included all writing (ok, no, not for Andy who is marking and cursing as we speak, no doubt) but all fics, novels and blogging went on hold. So far since November, I have slept, bought presents, finishedboth seasons of Stranger Things and eaten a lot of pizza. A LOT of pizza. Joining a gym looks pretty appealing right now.

Andy also slept. When she wasn’t teaching. Or marking essays (really bad essays). Or doing research. And then trying to recover from said research (did we mention she’s looking at harassment, violence and misogyny? Yep. That’s some dark stuff.)

What she really wants is a hug and to be told she’s doing a great job. Luna’s care package helped immeasurably.

I can hug you! All the hugs!



You’re doing great, go bestie


We guarantee Christmas time will be full of eating and bestie time. Christmas is made for food.

NaNoWriMo Sum Up

So we have officially written a thing. It is a mess of a thing but it’s about 115,000 words and it has a beginning, middle and end. We can work from that. It can be edited and tweaked and made into a book now.


This is book one of a duology so no doubt that NaNo 2018 will be book two part one. Both books are unnamed and unblurbed as they are still so much in flux right now.

We panicked a little bit on Day 10 when we came to the realisation that our plot needs more to it than we have. Our main storyline is pretty good and is still being tweaked but over all, it’s fairly fleshed out. We’re after smaller threads of subplot to give it more body so we are still working on that.

Nano 2017

The graph to the right isn’t entirely accurate as we didn’t update the NaNo page every day. Nomad makes us an excellent excel spreadsheet that calculates everything based on how many words we do a day: our averages, how much we need to do a day to finish, estimated goals. It’s completely fantastic and allowed me to see where I could take a day off and how many I needed to do until the end.

But even with the inaccurate figures of this graph, you can see that the start was a little rocky. Before Day 10 we struggled a lot. Day 10’s numbers have shot up because that was the day we decided to write whatever interested us. For Andy that was witches, mermaid societies and riddles. For me it was sisterly bonds, evil queens and magical powers. It got us to the end and because we were loving what we were doing, we ended up with some great writing.

The ‘What now?’ bit

Everything starts again, for the most part. Back to posts, fics for Luna and then come January we edit. Probably January. Definitely not January.

Andy is currently almost at the end of what might be the longest term in living memory. So many classes, so many students, and they’re all about to hand in 3000-word essays as a Christmas gift. And that’s not even starting on the PhD that she’s supposed to be doing…

I work as much as I can (teaching, retail…) to support the PhD that I don’t have funding for, and work on the PhD to try and highlight inequalities in society that need to be addressed to make the world a better place. I fill my brain with terrible statistics and stories and try to put them in a semblance of order and I pay for the privilege. And the rest of the time I work on funding applications and try to make sure my student loans get paid on time.

Pretty much

In some ways, Nano was a welcome break from writing about violence and harassment. But it was still tonnes of work – albeit about mermaids.

I’m looking forward to Christmas when, although I’ll have more than 60 essays to grade, at least I’ll be at home with my dog. And, you know, Christmas.

Luna has decided to pick up fanfiction again! It’s been a long break. It may not be frequent as I have job/boyfriend/blog/novel to contend with as well but writing this November has made me realise I miss it.

Luna will be working a lot over Christmas and more so for New Year. Sometimes I miss admin where the office closes down for the festive period! I plan to take time off in January although to make up for the fact that my Christmas is basically little more than a long weekend.

We’re still working to get artwork for the site! Hopefully next year this will become a reality. Luna found a great artist but as the lovely lady in question has a busy schedule, things aren’t happening quickly. This is ok because we’re super excited for it and let’s face it, we’re never exactly quick off the mark either, are we? We’d rather have something perfect and lovingly designed, even if it takes a while.


So back to regularly scheduled programming! Luna is excited about many posts to come before the end of the year and even more excited about all the wonderful new books that 2018 will bring.

If you did NaNo, let us know how you got on! How many times exactly did you pull at your hair and scream that you’re never doing this again? Because I did that about once a week…



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