Luna’s 17 Favourites of 2017

IT’S 2018! Happy new year, fellow readers. The coming year has some great releases but we’ll get to those.

2017 was a mess of a year for many people but it wasn’t all bad. Novel Darlings went to YALC for the first time and finished our book, with the added win of finishing NaNoWriMo for the second year running. But most of all, Luna finished and went over her 100 books Goodreads challenge and 2017 had some amazing, mind-blowing books released.

So great in fact that my ‘Best Of’ list got away from me a bit. Somehow I ended up with SEVENTEEN books that I loved this year.

Yep, seventeen. I suspect it would be higher but I haven’t actually read a few yet that I think would have made the list. I’m notoriously bad at reading things the year they were released but I haven’t done too badly for 2017.

The only rule is that they HAVE to be published this year. I’ve read some fantastic books this year that weren’t published in 2017…so they can’t be on the list. Otherwise they can be any genre.

In no particular order! (Although the ones further down are 5 stars….)

There’s Someone Inside Your House


Liked it because: Scary, creepy, will make you think someone is lurking in your own house, diverse and adorable, great MC

What to expect next: A presently unnamed mystery book

If you liked this: I’m struggling a bit to think of similar books to rec for this! But I suggest Karen Rose’s thrillers and Final Girls by Riley Sager.


The Afterlife of Holly Chase


Liked it because: Really interesting premise, cool twist on ‘A Christmas Carol,’ sat down on Christmas day to read it and didn’t move until I was done.

What to expect next: See below for Cynthia Hand’s next book as one of the ‘Janies’

If you liked this: Between, One of Us is Lying, Haunting Violet

My Not So Perfect Life


Liked it because: Funny, quirky, interesting characters. I enjoyed it as much as Kinsella’s earlier standalones such as Can You Keep a Secret and Remember Me? The Shopaholic series has been a let down for the last few books so it was a joy to read this.

What to expect next: Surprise me, another stand alone.

If you liked this: Any of Sophie’s previous books. My personal favourites are The Undomestic Goddess and Twenties Girl.

My Lady Jane


Liked it because: A historical novel I actually liked, great characters, magic and setting. It officially made me a fan of the Janies and I can’t wait for the next one.

What to expect next: My Plain Jane in 2018 and My Calamity Jane in 2020 after that.

If you liked this: Snow Likes Ashes, Princess of the Midnight Ball, The Grimm Legacy



Liked it because: Strong sisterly bond, is it magic or illusion, captivating villain and I love the idea of an indulgent, twisted carnival.

What to expect next: Legendary, the sequel to Caraval.

If you liked this: The Hawkweed Prophecy, Enchanted, Freeks


Behind her eyes


Liked it because: Fantastic and gripping. I initially was curious about the twist I’d heard so much about but I was hooked from the get go. The suspicious circumstances surrounding Louise’s boss and his perfect marriage, the oddness of Adele, who to trust…and when you think you’ve got the twist figured out – BLAM. Smacks you right in the face.

What to expect next: Nothing currently announced.

If you liked this: The Girl Before, Behind Closed Doors, The Murders at Badger’s Drift


Long May She Reign


Liked it because: Reads like a fairy tale in it’s own right, MC is clever and interested in science, gorgeous cover! Also brutal and full of conspiracy as Freya tries to navigate being ruler.

What to expect next: Nothing new announced from her yet but I’ll be on the look out for it, whatever it is.

If you liked this: A Wicked Thing, Dividing Eden, Sabriel


The Dazzling Heights


Liked it because: Sequel to The Thousandth Floor. As I adored the first one the chances were I was gonna like it! Adds more depth to the characters we already know and love and adds an intriguing new addition.

What to expect next: The Towering Sky out next year.

If you liked this: Tiny Pretty Things, Royce Rolls, The Glittering Court


One of Us Is Lying


Liked it because: I love these kinds of stories. Five people go into a room and only four come out. This involves high school gossip and backstabbing with murder and mystery.  And SECRETS GALORE.

What to expect next: Nothing announced so far

If you liked this: This Is Our Story, This is Where It Ends, Only Ever Yours


The Marsh King’s daughter


Liked it because: My God, it was a gripping yet horrifying ride all the way through. It splits Helena’s hunt for her father in the present combined with the trauma of her childhood. Well written and an on the edge of the your seat thriller.

What to expect next: Nothing new announced at the moment.

If you liked this: When She Was Bad, Girl Unknown, The Beautiful Dead


The Upside of Unrequited


Liked it because: Cute, diverse, fun falling in love story. A few moments of ‘hey, remember how books can stab you right in the chest?’ but that’s all good too.

What to expect next: Leah on the offbeat

If you liked this: Fangirl, Georgia Peaches and other Forbidden Fruit, I’m not your Manic Pixie Dream Girl


Eliza and her Monsters


Liked it because: Beautifully written account of a creator struggling with the real world, wanting to dive into the pages of her art. Sweet love story and fantastic fictional worlds, both Eliza’s and the Children of Hypnos series.

What to expect next: The Children of Hypnos, based off Eliza’s favourite series.

If you liked this: Fangirl, Geekarella, #Famous


Final Girl


Liked it because: Finally the perfect, deadly, terrifying Final Girl story I’ve wanted for years.

What to expect next: The Last Time I Lied, due 2018, follows a young woman returning to the scene where three of her friends vanished.

If you liked this: Baby Doll, Black Eyed Susans, Reconstructing Amelia




Liked it because: Sweet and slightly cheesy, fangirl retelling of Cinderella. Adorable with great twists on the original fairy tale.

What to expect next: Heart of Iron

If you liked this: Fangirl, Cinder, Emerge


One Dark Throne


Liked it because: The much anticipated sequel to TDC, giving us more sisterly love/murderous intent, magic and conspiracy.

What to expect next: TWO more books set on Fennbirn and some novellas, the first of which is The Young Queens. A film for Three Dark Crowns is also in the works.

If you liked this: Tiny Pretty Things, Queen of Hearts, Antigoddess


The Hate You Give


Liked it because: Wonderfully written, diverse and really relevant to today. Starr is fantastic and sweet and you root for her all the way. She’s brave because she’s so scared but ultimately she does the right thing.

What to expect next: On the Come Up and a FREAKING MOVIE.

If you liked this: The Female of the Species, The Art of Being Normal, Only Ever Yours


Into the Drowning Deep


Liked it because: Mira Grant’s engaging and humourous writing style combined with truly terrifying monsters lurking under the sea.

What to expect next: Unsure but this is labelled Into the Drowning Deep #1 so I am hopeful that this will continue as a series. There are a few plot points that make me think that there will be more.

If you liked this: Newsflesh Trilogy, Fathomless, The Lie Tree


Wow. That’s a lot of books. Which ones did you guys read and love this year? I have yet to touch All the Crooked Saints, Almost Midnight and Show Stopper that I suspect I will love. Maybe one of them will be my first book of 2018?

In the next few days I hope to do 2018 Anticipated posts and my reading goals for the year. Hope you all had a great New Year’s Day!


One thought on “Luna’s 17 Favourites of 2017

  1. FranL says:

    Wow, looks like you have some great stuff on here. I’ve only read My (Not So) Perfect Life, which I found silly, light and fun. I’ve pretty much given up on the Shopaholic books at this point, but Kinsella’s stand alones are still worth reading. I’ll have to check out some of the others on this list!


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