2018 Goals

2018! I’m not really one for resolutions but there is a lot I want to achieve on the blog this year. Last year was awful. Let’s agree and move on.

It has also occured to me that my TBR pile is getting insane so my Goodreads challenge has a few must reads mixed in it.

So my goals for this year are fairly simple and probably easily accomplished. The list of books I need to remove from my TBR…not so simple.

  • Post more frequently. Yes, we said that a lot last year. No, last year was not a good year for us. I’d like to get back to two posts a week if possible one reasonably lengthed in depth post and one shorter post, maybe a tag.
  • More reviews. Reviews are hard but we should do them. I’m trying to think of ways to make them more interesting and fun for both me to write and for you guys to read. Reviews are a stable of book blogging! And I slack…a lot.
  • YALC! I went last year and it was fantastic but I didn’t really know what I was doing and how to make the most of it. This year I would like to go all weekend. I also intend to take Fran as YA isn’t really Andy’s thing. Having read posts and otherpeople’s experiences full of tips and ideas, I want to have the time to explore everything.
  • Take more bags to YALC. This deserves a point all on it’s own. Take more than one tote with you to YALC. You will buy lots of books and have no bags and your arms will hurt. Don’t be me.
  • Guest reviewers! I intended to start this last year before 2017 got away from me. Now that I live in town it’s easier to see my newer bestie, (seven years as opposed to nearly fourteen, like Andy) I have a few posts I want to get her involved in, as we do like similar series.
  • Always, always expand and talk more to other bloggers. I have seen inspiring posts and great book recs from other people. I want to make more friends in this community.
  • Branch out and make proper use of social media. I’ve gotten better at twitter but despite having instagram and tumblr we don’t use them all that frequently.

And obviously….NaNoWriMo for the fourth year running. Book two, go Team Novel Darlings.


Books I want to read this year

So….I’m pretty bad at reading books the year they came out. I either read them within a few days of release or it’s 6 – 12 months later. Not good.

This year I’m making a list of books that must be read by midnight 2018. I have a whole year. I can’t fail, right?

Don’t answer that.


Glass Sword and King’s Cage

I loved Red Queen but somehow I ended up so behind with this series. With the final book, War Storm, due out this year I really need to step it up.

Legion and Soldier

Oh, look another series I’m behind in. I loved the first two Talon and Rogue and read them within days of each other. But you know how it goes…there’s a large gap between the first books and then you’ve forgotten everything by the time the next one comes around. Again the final book, Inferno, is due out this year. I’M SO BEHIND.

Six of Crows

Despite hearing amazing things about this book and despite snagging an immaculate copy in a charity shop, I have not managed to pick this up yet.

A Court of Thorns and Roses

I think the lesson we’ve learned here is that Luna is very bad at series.

The Invasion of The Tearling and The Fate of The Tearling

See above.


This is my TBR shelf, with the books I’m most keen to read. I made this shelf back in November. I haven’t read a single one. I have about four more boxes filled with TBR books in the attic. DO YOU SEE MY DILEMMA.

To help with this I upped my Goodreads challenge from last year’s 100 to 115. Hopefully I can achieve it – I did about 115 last year so I set that as my target and I hope that I can go over it again. To help again I’m making a shelf on Goodreadsto appeal to the competitive nature that occasionally rears it’s ugly head. Not often but it does.


Anyway, that’s it from me for the time being. I have work tomorrow so I…probably should have gone to bed about an hour ago.

Comment, like, please feel free to tell me how much you enjoyed the series that I have yet to finish. Guilt tripping may also work.


To all of you who are off tomorrow, enjoy your weekends. To everybody else, do what I do and get coffee and breakfast from McDonalds.


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