End of 2017 Haul

I got a LOT of books in the second half of 2017. I can’t even do images and descriptions for all of them. It would take me six months and my computer would give up long before then. I had to check my most recent orders on Wordery and Amazon just to try and remind myself what I’d bought recently. I may have a problem, you guys.

If a title is bolded, that also means I bought the kindle version of it as well.

Amazon/Book Depository/Wordery

Debutantes in love – read, 3 stars

There’s someone inside your house – read, 4 stars

Class of classics – read, 4 stars

My Lady Jane – read, 5 stars   22840421

Meet me at Beachcomber Bay – read, 4 stars

One of Us is Lying – read, 5 stars

Goldenhand PB – unread

Maresi – unread

All the crooked saints – unread

Showstopper – unread

Behind Her Eyes – read, 5 stars

Diving Eden – read, 5 stars

The Final Girls – read, 5 stars

Into the Drowning Deep – read, 5 stars  34523174


Fairy Loot

Daughter of the Burning City – read, 5 stars

Everless – unread



Stags – unread

Sea spell – read, 5 stars

Shiny broken pieces

Feed – read, 5 stars

Deadline – read, 5 stars

Blackout – read, 5 stars

Because you love to hate me – read, 4 stars

The Hawkwell legacy – – unread

This is where it ends – read, 4 stars

Frostblood – unread

My not so perfect life – read, 4 stars

Feedback – unread

Fate of the Tearling – unread  32793046

Frost like Night – read, 4 stars

King’s cage – unread

The Roanoke girls – unread

Eliza and her monsters – read, 5 stars

Serafina and the Splintered Heart – unread



Nemesis – unread

Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index – unread

Being Miss Nobody – unread

Down the Rabbit Hole – unread

Blood Red Road – unread

Editing Emma – DNF

Unconventional – unread   32820770

The Upside of Unrequited – read, 5 stars

Broken Sky/Darkness Follows/Black Moon – unread

The Deviants – unread

Girl, Girl – – unread

Blue Lily, Lily Blue – read, 5 stars



SweetPea – read, 4 stars

All the pretty little horses – read, 4 stars

See what I have done – – unread

The Child – read, 3.5 stars

Genuine Fraud – unread

The Young Queens – read, 5 stars

Replica – unread

When Dimple met Rishi – unread

Moxie – unread   33163378

The Walls – unread

Rotten Rapunzel – read, 3.5 stars

Freshers – unread

Sweet Little Lies – read, 3 stars

Perfect remains – unread



The Afterlife of Holly Chase – read, 5 stars

Submerge – unread

Renegades – unread

One Dark Throne HB – read, 5 stars

The Dazzling Heights – read, five stars

Winning – unread

Midnight Jewel – unread    29935867

Vampire Academy 10th Anniversary – read, 4 stars

Rebel Belle -read, 5 stars

Lady Renegades – read, 4 stars

Idol Dreams 4 – read, 5 stars

Beauty Queens – read, 4 stars




I may – MAY, I SAID – have a problem.



I’ve also just remembered that there will be more in the attic. The books listed above are only the ones in my line of sight. No wonder I ran out of bookshelf space so quickly.

Well, that’s my end of 2017 haul. Maybe at the end of the year, I would have read most of these! Do you guys maybe think that’s too many books? Not enough? Let me know in the comments and FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, NEVER TELL MY BOYFRIEND HOW MANY BOOKS I BUY.




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