Alphabet Book Tag – D to F

We’re back with the next part of our Alphabet tag favourites!

It’s simple. Pick a book that you love that has a title matching the letter. Easy, right?


Daughter of the Burning City – Luna


I knew this book was one for me the minute I heard about it. Magic and dark carnivals and MURDER? Yep, that’s right up my alley. I was ecstatic when I got the hardback in a Fairyloot box. It’s so pretty! This is probably one of my favourite covers.

I only just read it this year (remember where I aid I’m terrible at reading books the year they came out? I wasn’t joking) and I don’t know why it took me so long. The suspense of waiting for each murder, Sorina’s suspicions of her fellow festival members, the politics of the world and wondering how it all fits together. I loved it so much I automatically added Amanda’s next book to my want list before even reading what it was about!

The Dragon Queen – Andy

I love this book! I’ve re-read it many times. This was the first King Arthur telling that I really connected with – probably because it’s about Guinevere. The daughter of a powerful pagan Queen, Guinevere grows up in hiding with her foster brother (a shape-shifting wolf) under the protection of a druid. Set in a gritty, bloodily realistic Celtic world, with Roman and Pagan forces face off over the fate of Britain, Merlin – NOT the kindly magician of Disney-fame by any means – plucks Guinevere out of isolation to force her to live up to her destiny; to be Arthur’s queen.

Includes: magical faerie tattoo armour, sassy wolf-men, badass pagan women.

Unfortunately, Alice Borchardt (sister to the one-and-only Ann Rice) died before finishing her trilogy but this in no way should stop you from reading it! You’ll thank me later.


Eliza and her Monsters – Luna


Eliza is the creator of the extremely popular ‘Monstrous Sea’ comic but in real life she’s awkward and struggles to make friends. Eliza can’t imagine enjoying the real world as much as she loves the online one, and she has no desire to try. But the arrival of a new boy shakes up her world and when her secret is revealed it all comes tumbling down. Her relationships. Her life. Her sanity.

This book is fantastic. You feel for Eliza, struggling with her anxiety, her desire to hide herself in her art. Her entire world is rocked and for a while she’s not strong enough to handle it by herself. This book combines two of my favourite topics, mental health and fandom. It was instant love and I even bought the hardback version.

Every Heart A Doorway – Andy

‘Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children: No solicitations. No visitors.’

Gorgeous and Gothic, this Hugo and Nebula award winner creates a strange fantasy world which is part Girl, Interrupted part Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – a perfect balance of dark fairy tale and the comfort of seeing yourself reflected in its misfit characters.


Feed – Luna


I suppose this goes well with Andy’s choice above as this author is one and the same! Writing as Mira Grant here, this is a little sci-fi/political thriller/horror/ZOMBIES to get your heart racing in the dead of night. I devoured all three (haha, I said devoured. My sense of humour is so lame) as fast as I could and all the novellas I could find. I love this series with all it’s twists and strong friendship bonds and the general heartache of reading it.

Fen – Andy


Fen is a gorgeous set of interconnected short stories set in a liminal fenland. It mixes magic and folk-tales with mythology and the everyday desires of ordinary people. It’s wild and dark, thrumming with sexual energy. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

My favourite story concerns a house that falls in love with a girl, and a set of sisters who hunt men the way foxes might hunt mice.

Daisy Johnson is a queen.


Please let us know if any of these are your favourites or if you plan to pick any of them up. They’re all Novel Darlings approved!

Have a great week next week, guys! I gotta go make dinner now. Wish me luck, I’m not known for cooking….





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