Hello again, Reading Slump!


If you’re wondering why we’ve been quiet the past month….this is the reason. I haven’t been able to read. I haven’t been able to write. Basically, I’ve slumped hard.

And while I have tried everything on my tried and tested methods of breaking a slump so far none of them have worked. I’ve read more fanfiction than I can count. I’ve reread books. I took a break and didn’t pick up any new reads for about a week. NONE OF IT HAS WORKED.

Here’s a list of what I have done/read in the last four weeks.

  • Every Drarry fic Sara’sGirl has ever written
  • Every Stony fic MusicalLuna has written
  • Gather the Daughters – Jennie Malamed
  • The Belles – Dhonielle Clayton
  • Poison – Chris Wooding
  • Watched three seasons of Friends
  • Ate four bags of minstrels. No, I do not have a fifth stashed in my bedside drawer. How dare you accuse me of that.


It’s not gone well. Here is what I’m supposed to be doing:

  • Fanfic editing for three chapters
  • Two blog posts a week
  • Editing for our original novel
  • Finishing another fic oneshot

Not surprisingly, while I have done some work on all of these projects, none of them are finished.


Editing our unnamed novel that we completed for Nanowrimo 2017 is priority. I would like to do posts marking our progress…but at the moment we have no progress. Andy with the two jobs and PHD has done her editing of chapter one. I have not. I’ll be over here wearing my dunce hat.

But it’s been a busy month and not the easiest. It’s ok to take a break sometimes, even though a big part of blogs is posting frequent content. I’ve been tired and forgetting my medication which doesn’t help. The happy brain is kind of required for creating content. Content that you’re happy with and love anyway. I could have made myself write and edit the past month but I’d have hated it and been resentful of anything I wrote. And I really don’t want that.

And truly though, all I’ve really wanted to read is fanfiction. I love it and it’s easy and comforting. Nothing makes me forget stress like a good fluffy fic.



(I had to explain fanfiction to some coworkers the other day though, sweet Jesus that was hard….)


So we should be back to our regular scheduled programming now. But I leave you with the following advice.

  • Minstrels are amazing. I have no regrets.
  • Take your happy-making pills.
  • Do not explain fanfiction to colleagues. It’s all kinds of awkward.
  • It really is ok to take a break if it helps you. Everything else going on was making me exhausted and completely draining me of any creative flow. A bit of a rest to recalibrate is a good thing.
  • Same goes for reading fanfiction. Sometimes I forget that fic is where I started and is kind of the root of all I do now. A truly bad day can be made better by Draco getting turned into a catfish for a month (this sounds terrible but is a great fic, I swear)
  • Also don’t eat too many minstrels. You will have no money and chocolate around your mouth.
  • Doki Doki Pretty Cure is still the worst of the series, the gif just fit. GoPri still rules. That is all.

Please let me know how you guys deal with hard to shake slumps or if you read/write fic. Especially if you like fic. You wanna rec me things? So here for it.







3 thoughts on “Hello again, Reading Slump!

  1. theorangutanlibrarian says:

    Ah don’t worry- sometimes it just takes time- personally I have found that sometimes nothing beats a slump except taking a break (even rereading/reading lighter reads doesn’t always help and they’re my go-tos) Good luck!
    Also PS I relate about the minstrels 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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