Important Announcement – Blog Changes


I’ve put off this post for a while. Writing it especially was hard. In the end, Andy and I did it together.

As always purple for me and teal for Andy.

It’s been about two and a half years since we created this blog. A lot has happened in that time.

A lot, a lot.

Here are a few highlights.

  • Nano 2016! And 2017! We have a book!
  • Andy started PhD
  • Luna has had MULTIPLE NEW JOBS in that time.
  • And now has a flat
  • We’ve done INSERT posts
  • We’ve read so many books
  • Went to our very first YALC (where andy also met the love of her life, thingy miklethingy.)

However, the blog is going to change. Drastically.

Here’s the thing. Our lives have changed so much since then we’re not giving the blog the love and attention it needs.

  • Luna went back to full time work, complete with commute.
  • We have a book now. That we’d like to finish and edit and make an actual thing
  • Andy has baby students to teach/whip into shape/despair over
  • AND a PhD thing to do #SaveMe
  • Cleaning flats is a thing. They don’t magically tidy themselves (but Goddess, if they did though)
  • Also sleeping enough, eating properly, and remembering meds does actually take work (and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise)


Also, we’re old and tired. Or maybe that’s just Luna. This whole adulting thing I’m doing now with job, gym and flat is taking more out of me than I expected. Give me slippers and knitting and an early night. (Andy: I’m getting super into embroidery to destress from research.)


And more importantly, the blog has become a chore. It takes more time that you’d think to make a good post. Themes, pictures, editing, choosing the right books all takes energy and time that we just don’t have at the end of the work-day.


Not to mention keeping up with comments and making sure you have constant fun content for social media.


PhD has also drained my ability to read a lot for pleasure. So often I haven’t read that many books when it comes time to write a post (though I will never abandon fanfic).



I know you never ask for pictures of my cat but hey, you get them anyway


Luna’s priority is writing. I miss writing fic and the book is the present love of my life (sorry Nomad.) Between writing, editing and generally making sure it doesn’t suck, writing long blog posts just don’t factor in as priority right now.


What we’ve learnt/gained

  • SO MANY BOOKS. I have so many series and authors I love now due to booktube/blogging community. The Raven Cycle, Ashley Poston, The Hate You Give, Daught of a Burning City, Caraval, Queen of the Tearling and countless others I never would have heard of or tried if not for blogging.
  • A hardcore appreciation for all the work that booktubers put into their blogs/vids that they do not get paid for. They do it all for free ‘cause they love books.
  • Going off that point, I’ve chatted to so many lovely people and fret not, I will still be stalking your blogs/commenting. I love reading other people’s reviews/tags and you guys are rock stars for putting in so much work for us to enjoy. I love your opinions and suggestions and the amazing bookstagram photos I see.




HOWEVER! Novel Darlings is not vanishing entirely. Luna actually weirdly discovered a love of Twitter and blogging that was totally unexpected. On ways to see more of Luna and Andy, check out below.


  • Luna is moving to our Tumblr (Novel Darlings) to take it over as her own. If you like Wicca, cat gifs, Sebastian Stan and CW series follow me! I also intend to post reviews/tags etc from there as a quicker, less structured blogging method. It’ll be a bit more of how I talk – excited and rambly. But giving up blogging entirely was out of the question, it was just a matter of changing how I do it.
  • I also weirdly love Twitter now? That’s gonna be a thing. Luna under Novel Darlings will tweet/retweet/like as usual. I intend to be a bit more out there so bear with me, that’s not my strong point. Trying to strike up conversations with people I don’t know all that well gives me major anxiety but I’m trying.
  • Andy is already on Tumblr and twitter, so if you want an insight into her glittery, queer brain you can follow her! She will still chip in with ideas from the sidelines (‘cause the Novel Darlings are joined at the hip anyway. Let’s face it, we’ve been friends nearly for the amount of time a person who can drive so that’s not gonna change!)
  • Our WordPress will be hijacked into use for something else. I’m unsure what yet or if that will happen for certain but it might be to keep up with sporking or on the flipside to document our journey for our own hopefully less sucky writing. If you like mermaids, magic, sisterly bonds and the few odd gory bits, this might be of interest to you.
  • Nano 2018! At present Luna is doing this for certain but whether we do it as joint Novel Darlings for book 2 or if Luna is doing it for her own project, come November, I’ll be bitching about it as usual.
  • YALC! Luna is doing all three days of YALC 2018 and if you’d like to meet up and chat, please let me know! I’d love to meet all of you. Please be forewarned I have a ten minute buffer time minimum of awkwardness. If I follow your blog I will be struck dumb by the fact that you’re talking to me. Andy isn’t attending this year but I will be going with my friend, Fran, and we’re kind and funny people once I get over the anxiety of talking to strangers.



So, that’s where we are. It’s been a lovely experience but it’s not ending… just changing. Tumblr will keep my reviews/tags/bookish musings from now on but it will also have other bits of me in too.

Ciao! xxx

2014-10-18 18.09.55





3 thoughts on “Important Announcement – Blog Changes

  1. Darrell Minards says:

    I’m going to miss these but looking forward to the FUTURE! Both your plans sound exciting and I cant wait to see the book when its finished and hear about the plans for book 2. Proud of you both x


    • noveldarlings says:

      Hi! I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner, I don’t check my wordpress frequently. We closed the blog because life was making it hard for us to devote time to it. But as it turns out, I miss blogging a lot so I will be starting a brand new one soon and letting everyone who followed this know in case they’d like to follow that one too. 🙂


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