Who are we?

We’re Luna (26) and Andy (26.) Rather than have separate blogs, we decided that doing one together would be a way to keep us connected while we’re miles apart. For the most part it works pretty well. But sometimes we’re both so busy (PHDs, jobs, trying to clean and have social lives) that neither of us can devote the time we want to the blog.

Why do you blog?

We love books. that’s basically it. And we both read very different things so it’s pretty difficult to shove a book in the other’s face and tell them to read it. Luna could try and get Andy to read some YA but that’s probably not going to work out. Andy could rabbit on and on about the importance of Gender Trouble but Luna will just fall asleep. This is our way of sharing our love and thoughts with people who will like the stuff we’re talking about.

How did you choose the name Novel Darlings?

Luna liked the idea of using the word darlings. It makes her feel fancy. TBH it was a completely off the cuff idea and had very little thought put into it whatsoever. Andy also likes the way it sounds in a supremely sassy sentence ~how novel, darlings~.

Post frequency

This is a tough one. Please see above. We do try to keep frequent posts and Luna aims for twice a week at least. But sometimes we’re not so good and life comes up. Adulting sucks, believe us.

Do you have other content?

So far we have twitter where we follow, retweet, and like many things and occasionally post ourselves. We also have goodreads, pinterest, tumblr and an instagram that Luna swears she will take pretty pictures for one of these days.



What do you enjoy reading?

Luna: I’m a YA fan at my core. I will devour any you throw at me. But tbh, I’ll dip in and out of most things. I have a set list of ‘won’t touch’ for varying reasons. Maybe I don’t like the author. Maybe I hate the writing style. Maybe it’s just not my thing. But usually if it interests me, I’ll read it regardless of genre.

Andy: Fantasy will always be my first love but I also enjoy science, fiction, horror, and steampunk/alt history. I’m also really into comics and graphic novels. Non-fiction wise I’m primarily interested in feminism, mythology, sociology, and cultural politics.


Who are your heroes?

Andy: Agent Peggy Carter, Xena Warrior Princess, Eva Green, Eddie Izzard, Tim Minchin, and hardcore lady types (usually of the queer variety).

Luna: Like Andy, Peggy is my Queen. I relate to Cather Avery more than any fictional character ever before. Bonnie Zacherle and Lauren Faust for their respective creations of My Little Pony. The Supernatural cast for being inspiring, awesome people. Sailor Moon. And always, always, J. K. Rowling.

Pet peeves aka comment etiquette

No racism, homophobia, sexism, or general jackassery. Feminism strongly encouraged. Misandry and misogyny strongly discouraged. Please no bickering about any of the above.